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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Character flaws or strengths?

This has been yet another busy week at work and on a personal level too. Sorry for the delay on posting this week as issues beyond my control have overtaken. I hope you find this weeks prompts inspiring and remember to feel what your characters are feeling. 

When the heartless one comes into their own.

This week we are going to be looking at people’s perceptions of others: Sisters/brothers/aunts/uncles. What makes them act the way they do? Think self preservation, life’s lessons/challenges and misconceptions. Looking at your characters faults, if that is what they are, may actually bring your characters to life and be your characters saving grace.

Example: The sister/aunt/mother who has been raped, physically and mentally abused, brought a child/children up alone, struggled to find themselves and fight the self-loathing along with the snide remarks from those who call themselves family.

Each of your characters will have their own back story. It is through this back story that we can understand them, but we have to see this through your writing. Think about the people you know. How do they react differently from you? Why do they act this way?  Try to understand their reaction and way of thinking. Think yourself lucky you’ve never been in the situation that has caused them to protect themselves as they do. Then consider how that is a strength and how it can be used, not as a weakness/flaw in character, but to solve or give guidance to a situation.

So whilst developing your characters for the prompts below, think of character traits that may be perceived by others to be flaws that are actually strengths that will come into their own during your piece of work.

1.       Incident at the beach.
2.       Mother’s new partner.
3.       It is best for him.
4.       How could you?
5.       You shouldn’t do it that way.

How you deal with each prompt is up to you, but do think about how you want the reader to feel at the end. Do you want them to like or hate your character? Make your characters emotions touch your reader.
So go on, get writing.


Jack Lacey said...

Some really good points there to help keep up our writing fresh...

Susan said...

Thanks Jack. I aim to make the writer think and use what they see to bring vibrancy to their work.