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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Missing out...

This week has been manic! Both in my personal life and work life – I'm so glad it is the weekend. This has given me a few hours to sit back and get a couple of things sorted out – washing, cleaning and I had hoped to mow the lawns but didn't get the chance before the rain came down. Maybe I’ll get to do it on Sunday.

Writing has been a no go this week, but if everything comes together I will get down to it tomorrow and then follow my writing time sheet. I've had to do that to ensure I at least get some time to focus on my writing as well as family, work and at some point sleep.  

This week I've been thinking about things we miss out on in life. It could be something small like missing out on that amazing jacket in the shop window or the missed opportunity of discovering the  love of your life. We have all experienced something like this but have you explored it in your writing. Have you thought of how things would have been different had you not missed out? This recently happened to me. I discovered someone had shown interest in me only to never speak of it to me. It made me wonder what could have been if he had.

So think about times when you’ve lost out and investigate how that made you feel. Note down those feelings. Then think about how it might have changed your life and if it did would it have been for the better? Look at the ups and downs. Remember the fear, excitement, confusion and the betrayal - they could all be lurking there. Write all these down and then create your storyline to incorporate aspects from your lists.

Make it happy, sad, or send your reader on a roller-coaster ride of emotion.

So go on, get writing.  

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