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The Love of Dance

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Write away ...

Had a lot of things going on this week, but one of the good moments was when work friends, more than just colleagues, were discussing my writing and how they had faith in me. They probably won’t realise just how much that meant to me, but without moments like these it is easy to think you will never get there. Having people believe in you and your ability helps to keep the creativity alive and ready to flow or to continue flowing.

There are many things that can get in the way of writing and most of that is down to workload, family, stress to mention but a few. I've found a good way of helping me out of these moments is to write down the reasons that are stopping you. List them and then expand as to why they are causing you issues. This can help to unload your mind to free it up for the proper writing. I think of it of detoxing the mind. Next time you feel overloaded with problems, try it, it might just help.

Now that you are ready to write, below you will see a selection of objects. Select up to five for you piece of writing. Use the words as required, making them plural etc. to suit your work, but you need to create work that uses all five of your choices. Don’t cheat. Articles, short stories, plays, poetry or monologues anything goes.

Wallpaper – Fly Swat - Candle – Toilet Seat – Cabbage – Spray Paint – Plant Food – Moisturiser – Super Glue – Door Knob – Shingle – Hornet – Sun Burn – Lightening – Credit Card – Tuna Steak – Cod – Point Shoes – Duster – Flood – Ashes – Empty Picture Frame – Coral – Silencer – Peanut Butter Ice-cream.

So there you go. Select five and let your pen or computer do the writing. So go on, get writing. 

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