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Saturday, 5 October 2013

A study of behaviour...

Okay, so the good news is, I have a new shiny sleek laptop which can travel with me and I will now be able to focus on the work ahead. Write as and when I wish, however, that isn't possible just yet, the reason being the new Microsoft 365 I purchased is not loading up, product key isn't liked and therefore I have to wait until Monday, they don’t have phone help over the weekends, I think this is something that should be rectified. It is frustrating. My son has suggested that I load my work up on Google Docs and therefore will be able to continue writing; this is until Microsoft help are back. So I'm a semi happy Susan and I hope that by the time I get home from work on Monday, my son will have been in touch with the help desk and solved the issue.

I hope you had fun watching and writing about the differences light can make in your writing. You can do observations to help you give atmosphere to your writing. This week we are looking at what influence our own behaviour has on those around us. How does your mood affect others? For instance, this week has been very challenging for me and I was very aware that my frustrations were being felt by those I worked with – Yes, I was angry. Thankfully this doesn't happen often. It is interesting how this disturbance in the normal behaviour of one can manifest itself in others.

Take a look around the office, school playground, gym or any other place where people meet and interact. Notice how a simple happy greeting can change to a concerned conversation, watch the body language – what does it tell you about the situation. A telling sideways glance can tell you so much about what a person is really thinking when engaged in conversation with a person they would rather be a long bus journey away form.

Take your note book with you everywhere you go this week, make as many observations as you can. I suggest you do this for at least a day, more if you get the chance. Once you’ve completed your notes, think about how you can use these observations to show the changes in the emotions of your characters. Play with different character types and see how different situations can manipulate your characters. It is a fun thing to do and you might be surprised with the results – characters you thought you knew so well, might just surprise you.

So go on, get writing. 

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