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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Topic Tin Tasks

I missed a week! Actually, I've almost completely lost October – how has it gone passed so quickly? In my defence for not blogging last week, I had my new laptop and I've been writing. Yes, really writing. I've been editing, writing new scenes and getting back in to the writing place in my head with my muse beside me, pushing me on. It has been great. So I hope you will forgive my lack of post last week.

This week has also be manic, work wise and on the writing side. I think the writing side is going well and pushing onward. My challenge for today is to get the house in order to make my writing space more Susan friendly which means changing things downstairs allow for the changes to writing area. I have edits to type up today and tomorrow I’ll be working on finalising plot lines.

It would be great to know where you all do your main writing. I know now with laptops many of us write on the go, which I find inspiring, but also I get distracted by what is going on around me. I do my best writing in the seclusion of my study area where no one dare disturb me. I've been known to write in the garden when the sun is shining and the rain isn't falling, but once again I can cope with the bird song, but not the lawn mowers, screaming kids and arguing neighbours, unless I need some character studies. Let’s find out where the creativity is created and written down. Please add a comment to this blog, on facebook or on twitter.
This week’s topics have come from the TOPIC TIN. Listed below are four challenges, select one that appeals, or do them all.

1.       Mother said she was sick, well she always does, but today there was something different in her behaviour that got me listening.
2.       It is autumn and the garden needs attention. Write an article for a gardening magazine. Research the magazines, target your article and submit.
3.       Write a ten minute monologue. You need to include the following words. Hiccups – Scissors – Drain – Feast – astringent – Void.
4.       Poem – Cobwebs. With the mornings being damp you can see the strands of the spider webs enhanced by the morning moisture.

So there you are. Four TOPIC TIN tasks for you to get your creative juices flowing. Go on, get writing. 


Katherine Hetzel said...

I usually write best using the laptop in the lounge, because it's the warmest room in the house! But I also write in the car while waiting for the kids to finish orchestra/fencing!

Susan said...

Hi Katherine, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I try now not to write in the lounge/sitting room because I'm too easily distracted. I like the writing in the car I think it is very much like a writing pod, but has other uses. Mind, I wouldn't mind a writing pod in the garden. I can dream.