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The Love of Dance

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Big decisions, right or wrong it has to be done.

What a busy couple of weeks! Preparing manuscripts to submit, contacting agents and getting responses, which have made me rethink a little, but also being constructive. Needless to say this will mean more thinking and decision making. Which of the three thrillers do I run with? This is a very hard choice as I feel they are all demanding to be completed. I'm trying to work out which is screaming loudest. So with that in mind, I'm putting them all away for three months and working on material that is complete which only needs another read through and tweaking prior to submission.

I'm very excited about going back to my writing roots which is for children’s manuscripts. I have selected three of the novels and will be checking, polishing and sending. It is time I took control of my writing back and make it work for me.

I've had a lovely few days doing things I wouldn't normally do, which has inspired me and refreshed my batteries.

For this week’s writing task I'm giving you a photo image and the opening line and then you take it from there. I hope you find it inspiring.

“I bought her a coffee, she took a sip, made her excuses and …”

So, there you are, the only thing you need to do now is to get writing. 

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