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The Love of Dance

Saturday, 7 March 2015

It has been a good week. The sun has been out most days and as I write, it is streaming in through the sitting-room window. Its warmth taking away the frustration of having a cold, which sneaked up on me last night. The gardening today will have to be replaced by writing and perhaps I might be able to get out and plant up my rabbit hutch planters.
There is so much to do out there if I want to have some nice late spring, early summer flowers.

The tulips are well on the way up as are the bluebells along with the daffodils.  I noticed yesterday that the bleeding heart taken from my father’s garden when the property was sold has just pushed its head out from the ground. I'm pleased to see it has survived the winter frosts.

Last autumn I changed the position of a mock cherry tree that had been struggling in the back garden and replanted her in the front. I checked her out last weekend and found she is in bud. I'm hoping she will now thrive. I have many plans for the garden this year, no funds to do the changes I would like, but I love the idea of making changes even if I have to do up-cycling inexpensive ways to achieve the look I want.

The Windmill writing group are producing some good work which gives me direction. The discussions are helpful and constructive, no coating it with sugar, just honest opinions, which often conflict – giving food for thought. It is inspiring and enables me to push forward, however slowly. I have decided to work on my children’s writing for a while so that the thoughts around the Thrillers can mature before going back to them. First submissions are eminent.

I am giving you three writing prompts for this week. You can do all, two or one of them. I hope you will be inspired to write. Remember to put in the bells and smells. Sounds, thoughts, feelings and the smells. Don’t hold back on dialogue but don’t overload your writing with it. The key is to find the right balance.

  • Five little words: Drain – wine – Slim – Passport – Cards. Put all of these words in a story aimed at the magazine market.
  • Take it or leave it. Use this as your starting point of a piece of writing from the point of view of either a male or female. If you are male, try writing as a female and vice versa.
  • Photo prompt: 

So, what are you waiting for, go on, get writing. 

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