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The Love of Dance

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Writing Wonders with Afternoon Tea

What a lovely few days I've had. It was my birthday and I've been spoilt by both friends and family. Eaten too well, had a few glasses of vino and it hasn't finished yet. I'm off to Lussmann’s again on Friday and Saturday with two separate friends. I'm a lucky lady. I fear that I might have to do a bit more exercise over the next two weeks to make up for all that delicious food. 

I've taken time off from work to enjoy some much needed ‘Me Time’. I've managed to get quite a lot of writing done and I believe I'm getting closer to sorting out the soggy middle in my WIP. I'm doing it by the jigsaw method! That is my name for it. Pull it apart take out bits that don’t work, rewrite and edit what is left. I think it is working, but time will tell. The most important part of all of this is that I am having fun with it, and if that can shine out of the writing then I have achieved my goal.
The Windmill Writers meeting this week was a mish-mash of readings, discussions regarding plot developments and editing processes. It is interesting to hear how other people develop their work.
For the writing prompt this week you have a treat in store.

Set yourself up a table for afternoon tea – eat alone or invite a friend. Cakes, sandwiches, tea etc. then sit down and partake. But, you have to make note on what happens. What things taste like, smell like, do the smells complement each other clash? What sort of conversation do you have? Or if you are alone, what are your thoughts during this experience? When you have finished your writing treat, you need to incorporate all the notes you have made into a short story for a magazine. However, before you set to writing, you will need to research which magazine you are going to submit your work to. Each publication will have its own house style for which you will need to work too.

So, if you are up for the challenge, go on get writing.

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