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The Love of Dance

Sunday, 5 April 2015

A little Easter time writing.

Another great week overall.

Firstly I have been writing well, small amounts but it feels like my current WIP is solidly moving forward. I'm particularly pleased as this is the work I've been jigsaw puzzling. Only when I've finished putting the puzzle back together will I know if I have actually achieved what I have set out to do, but currently it looks like it is heading in the right direction. I'm enjoying the journey with this one and hope the end result will be all I hope it will be.

I have submitted some of my picture books for consideration to a publishing house who are accepting manuscripts from authors direct. I felt this was worth a look. I’ll let you know what happens here.
I have been out with lunch with friends again and found another lovely place to eat in Berkhamsted. The Kings Head. The interior of the pub is a blend of old worldly with large open fire which welcomes you in on a cold Saturday lunch time, to leather and solid wood. The restaurant is tastefully done with large glass floor to ceiling windows, nicely spaced out tables and attentive staff. The food was delicious. I have allergies and they worked around those to ensure my meal was perfect. I had lime, coriander & chilli chicken (succulent) with sweet potato chips, side salad and a chilli dip. For desert a rather naughty Sticky Toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream. I couldn't fault it and will certainly go there again.

For this week’s prompt I am giving you the choice of three things. Take one of the first line prompts and continue with the story. You could make it as difficult as you would like by adding a second or third opening within your work. Make sure you include sight, smell, feeling, sounds and weave them into your writing.

  1. The parliamentary candidate appeared on my door step just when…
  2. The accident happened right in front of me – I was running late so…
  3. Jessica had lined her Easter eggs, all six, on the windowsill, before we went out for the day, the sun came out an hour later and chocolate devastation had occurred.

So go on, get writing. 

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