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The Love of Dance

Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Roller-coaster Ride of Writing.

The love of crafting characters and throwing them into your plot is the passion that great books are made of, but getting to that stage is a convoluted road to travel. The level plains are to be used lightly, giving way more often than not for the undulating roller-coaster that is the conflict and resolution within the writing. Getting the balance right is the challenge.

‘Slow it down!’ I have often heard that when writing some of my scenes and yes, once I’d gone back and worked on those sections the story did benefit from reducing the pace giving the reader a moment to breathe. Pace is great, but be cautious don’t over use it. However, don’t slow the work down too much or the reader will get bored – it is a balancing act, get it right and your writing will engage your reader throughout.

My current WIP is coming along nicely and the opening which had much attention required to change it completely, is almost done. I think the end is right and once I’ve finished jigsawing the old and new together, I believe it will flow as it should and be ready to share by the end of the year, if not sooner.

The Windmill Writers are a proactive group. The material they are creating, sharing and critiquing varies from writer to writer. Everyone is at a different sage with their work and voices are developing nicely. A group like this isn’t for everyone, but if you are passionate about improving your art, honing your skills and sharing you knowledge with others, then a writing group might be for you. No one likes having their work scrutinised, but by sharing in this way, major and minor areas that need re working are spotted. Of course it is up to the author to make the changes or not. One area that keeps coming up is the dreaded ‘Show not Tell’. We all do it and sometimes don’t notice it until we read out aloud. Or the over use of certain words. And of course there are the missing ‘Bells & Smells’ as I like to call them. A writing group worth its name won’t sit and say, oh my, that is delightful, they will get to the nitty-gritty and as an author that is what you should be looking for – constructive criticism which will help you hone your work.

For the writing prompt this week, please look at the image below and create a piece of writing which best shows your own writing skills for the art of description. 

Think about what smells, and sounds you might experience. What does the weather feel like, is the sun hot, warm or is there a cold wind lapping around your ears? Think about the setting. Is this a romantic setting of two lovers, or a lonely moment for a singleton? Who is looking out on the scene in front of them? Perhaps you could try your hand at poetry. Whatever you decide to do enjoy your writing time as that will show in your end piece.

So go on, get writing. 

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