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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Deadlines can improve productivity.

The last week was very busy, so much so that it got to Thursday and I realised that I had to completed everything as Friday was the bank holiday and my birthday. For the first time in many years I wasn't working. So I finished up for the week and headed out for a long weekend.

Yesterday, I spent my birthday writing. It is so lovely to set aside a day to just write. I managed to finish edits, submit three novel ideas, two 9+ and one YA. And on the Thursday I sent out another picture book. This year I need to be more proactive and get more manuscripts out in the world. I used to submit quite often and get great feedback which has been both encouraging and inspiring. I believe my writing has improved because of this. Of course I've had and will probably continue to get rejections, which is path of the course when aiming for publication. But my hope is, that one day my work will arrive under the nose of the right person, at the right time and with a large pinch of luck that person will love my creations and I will get to see my work in the hands of excited children. One thing is sure, I have to write.

My writing circle, Windmill Writers, had a great time this Wednesday where we read, marked and adjudicated our first short story competition. There was also cake as it was one member’s birthday, I’ll have to take cake next week. The next competition will be for the Trophy which is held by the winner for three months. I'm currently working on what the genre to set it in and need to work out what prompt I will give them; it may be an image to start them off.

The next competition entry that I will be entering is for thriller writing. I'm just honing my submission and have five days to get it in. I'm loving these challenges because they help me to improve my work, but also the deadlines aid my productivity, without too much editing needed at the end.

The writing prompt should you decided to have ago is to use the following words along with the image and create a short piece of writing suitable for a woman’s magazine short story.

Kitten heels, Hot-dog, electric cable. 

So go on, get writing. 

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