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Friday, 18 March 2016

Turning writing on its head.

Note books 
Gosh it has been a long week! However, by Thursday it appeared to have flown passed again. I have to make sure one report is ready for Thursday evening and the Friday report by early. It was a push to get it all done this week. With every week, come more challenges and I'm learning more about the industry. Slow and steady, which is good as the brain works well at a slow and steady pace, but can, if required, spurt along at full speed if issues arise from out of left field. Overall a good working week.

The writing front has also been inspiring. I've already posted about the Windmill Writers meeting this week, and I'm pleased to say that I have now written and I'm editing my entry for the competition. What I find great about these writing circle competitions is that they challenge you to think out of your comfort zone, making you try something new and it really doesn't matter if what you create or if it isn't that great; the fact is that you have tried. This competition prize is a new note book. Nothing grand, but if you are a writer, or perhaps it is only me, but note books are the most amazing things. Pure white paper just waiting for the creation of a masterpiece or simply for ideas of novels to come, places to note down snippets of conversations overheard on a bus or in a café on a cold winters day. Notebooks are the manual, tactile creative version of pen-drives and can be treasured for ever.

This week’s writing prompt is to people watch. This can be done wherever you feel comfortable, or uncomfortable depending on the piece of writing you might want to write. Find a place to sit, and watch the people around you and take notes. Look at the interaction they have with others, listen to the conversation, if there is any. Do this for about half an hour and then taking your notes, write a short story incorporating some of the observations you have noted down. Perhaps try to set your observations in a different scenario that might turn the whole thing on its head. Play with it, see what it does for you. I love doing this kind of thing, it opens your eyes to getting out of tricky situations with your characters. Try it, it is fun.

So go on, get writing.

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