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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Improving all the time

The writing still hasn't happened this week, but on the upside I have been resting and my health has continued to improve. This has been a week which has had me wanting to do more, but although this is good in so many ways, it isn't good when what I've wanted to do is the hoovering, mowing and a good deep clean. Thankfully, my son arrived on Tuesday evening and has done many of the jobs for me. It is a very strange feeling sitting back and letting others, especially your son doing the work you would normally find easy.
Wednesday afternoon found us trying emergency stops in the car before having a short drive. I was able to do a reverse emergency stop and one going forward with no pain. Thankfully the little drive down and back to Salisbury's was uneventful. In the shop we strolled around with Frazer in charge of the trolley and lifting anything heavy. I have to admit that the rest of the afternoon was spent chilling on the sofa watching films. It had taken quite a lot out of me. It made me see that I still have quite a long way to go. Thursday was another chill out day with a small trip to the doctors and a little stroll down the high street and more time with my wonderful son.
Friday had us having birthday cake for breakfast and stake for lunch and then spending time in the garden. My son has very bad hay fever, but he braved the evil pollen when he mowed the lawns for me. He did suffer afterwards but quite enjoyed the experience of mowing.  Later he went off to have birthday drinks with his friends. I can hardly believe he is now twenty-five, where have those years gone. As I have been unable to go out, I had to rely on the internet for all his gifts. Thankfully everything arrived on time and the card from Moon Pig was really rather good. I've never used them before, but I would again.
Work have been pretty amazing throughout this whole operation thing. I'm going to be working for short bursts over the next two weeks to bring me back up to speed with everything that has been happening whilst I've been off. I'm looking forward to using my brain again, but I'm aware that this will also be tiring and I will be listening to my body, no worries about over doing it.
If you are looking for a writing prompt for the weekend, here it is.
Below are three opening lines. Select one and write a short story maximum words 3000. Aim to target this for a woman’s magazine. Research the magazines submission policy and ensure your read at least three issues to tailor your manuscript to the house style and then submit your work.
1. Yesterday couldn't have gone any better…
2. Tomorrow is only two hours away and …
3. So this is it, this is the moment that…
So go on, get writing.

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