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Monday, 23 May 2016

Two weeks on

It is now two weeks since my operation and if you had told me I would be feeling quite this good at this point I wouldn’t have believed you, since at this time last week I was in bed with my ‘Storm Trouper’ legs, feeling quite spaced out, but good, that’s before the general antithetic worked its way out of my system and reality kicked in.
Now this time has passed and it has been a good day. The doctor is happy with my progress, but still have to behave. The Insurance company are happy for me to drive again when I feel I am ready – looking at having a go on Wednesday. Let’s hope the sun is out so I don’t have to worry about rain too.
My wonderful neighbour Jess has come and cut my front lawn, so the house looks nice and tidy at the front, and the back will soon look the same. And now my amazing neighbours have given me their old BBQ and Chris has somehow managed to get my old, ruined ‘Wirly Gig’ washing line down, all that needs doing is the bottom stumpy part needs digging out. This will be another job for my son. The only problem is there is a rather large red ants nest there. Lots of ant powder and boiling water I think will be required at first.
I’ve had a friend, Terry, from my old job call around to see me, which was really lovely. I haven’t seen him for a year. It was great to catch up and find out what changes have taken place. With the sun shining down we had coffee in the garden we fought with the fluffy pollen coming off the other neighbour’s tree. I don’t know what the tree is, but it is infuriating. It happens at this time every year, the house and garden are covered in fluff that sticks to everything! Last week it was petals from the apple tree and the week before blossom from the pear trees.
Every time I look in my little plastic green house, now seedlings are appearing and others are getting stronger and taller. I can’t wait to plant them all up. Unfortunately, there is still no sign of the double and single petunias or even my own tomato plants.
It has poured with rain and there is a rumbling of thunder close by. I’m hoping this will dissipate as I really hate night storms.
My naughty treat today was from Christine, who has made me a trifle, which was huge, but was delicious.
With every day, I’m moving forward and getting stronger. Still going steady, no long walks or heavy lifting, but little tiny bits getting ready for the other stuff. 

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