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The Love of Dance

Tuesday, 26 June 2007


It was a wonderfully sunny day in Hertfordshire on Saturday - well it was in Bovingdon. It was the school summer fayre and the book auction was due. I was nervous. Would anyone bid! I could only hope they would. The fancy dress had finished, lots of happy children and loads of tears from those feeling dejected. Then the grand raffle began - the head began calling winning tickets, more happy folk. But what had happened? The playing fields and school yard were emptying. People were leaving in droves. Then it was my turn. To the few people standing around - where any interested in Darren Shan and the two signed books. I began with the first trilogy in the saga of Darren Shan - it went for £8 almost £2 less than the book price (disappointed? YES) then the second - book five Demonata signed with photo. Again this was disappointing -£8 when the cover price is £12. I've learnt from this, make sure that the publicity for the auction was much better.
I'm hoping to get some signed books from Jacqueline Wilson for our next auction but I'll publicise this one with more efficiency. I'm hoping the next time I mention this I'll be reporting a great profit for the school.
There was a good side to this weekend. I've started writing my fourth rewrite of Symidan which is now a completely different book. I only hope the publisher will like the new storyline. Time will tell.

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