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The Love of Dance

Monday, 18 June 2007

A weekend of writing

Okay I may be in the minority here, but I loved this weekend full of rain. Not because I have a fetish for rain or water, far from it, but it gave me time to focus on my writing. I've managed to get two chapters written and every word seems to fit beautifully. Yes, I know I'll have to revisit it and rewrite parts but for a second draft - I'm pleased.
Now I have to do research on current circus tricks that a small insect can master and I'm away. This is a children's book. My adult thriller is growing menacingly, but in the most positive way. That is only a first draft and has a few years of writing to go. I've just entered a competition with this just to see if I'm on the right legs. Having never attempted this genre before. What's the worse they can say - crap! well I'm ready for that one. And that is after all how we learn. One thing is for sure, I'll not give up. There is a story to tell there, based on true life, with a few little extra threads flowing through.

Tip for the day: Write for ten minuets even if you don't feel in the mood. You'll soon find you can write on demand. A good skill to learn.


joanne fox said...

Good luck with the new blog Susan.

If you can make yourself write for 10 minutes it's surprising what this can throw up. I like to do this as 'free writing' where I just focus on something around me, an object, a colour, music, etc., and then I just write whatever comes into my head. I've found some good ideas for stories this way.

Susan said...

Joanne thanks for popping over. I have used that exercise to help me move forward when I've worked myself into corners. They tend to free your mind. I wrote a poem from one of these times - about a hangnail. Strange but interesting.