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The Love of Dance

Saturday, 16 June 2007

While the rain is watering the plants.

So the rain has decided not to stop today, so there is nothing for it but to write - oh, what a shame. I love days like this. I can't do anything in the garden without drowning - I can't do the washing because I can't dry it, no tumble dryer, but that's a long story. Okay I'll tell you. I did have a tumble dryer out in the shed. A great place for it as my cottage only has a small kitchen. However the bumble bees also thought it was a great place and chose it as a home. They built an elaborate hive inside and I couldn't just turf them out. In the end I've just managed without. Anyway I digress. I suppose I could do house work, but then that is stupid when dad is due around tomorrow, why do it twice? All that mopping of floors when I'll only bring muddy water in from outside later. I guess the best thing to do is to sit down and get on with my latest children's novel and enjoy this time to write. My suggestion for any would be writer is to take every opportunity to write that you can. Even if you only get a ten minute slot - write. You might find you write something worth while or get rid of dross either way you'll keep you writing muscle working and that is as important as keeping your heart healthy. So go exercise your writing muscle. And don't forget to feed it - healthily of course!!

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