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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Blades of Time completion.

Having completed Blades of Time, I set it aside and left it for my son to read before doing a thorough read through. I have to admit that when I last posted, I had thought I’d finished, but soon realised that I hadn’t. It is strange how a story will sometimes do that to you. You believe that everything has been tied up and all the characters have grown in developed in the way they should have. But that wasn’t the way. As I was fiddling with the last few sentences, when I realised I’d missed a very important part. Thankfully with a couple of carefully crafted paragraphs the plot didn’t stumble.

I’ve just had the last three chapters handed back to me, with some positive feedback, and that is coming from a seventeen year old reading an 11+ fantasy novel. I’m hoping that a few of the pupils from school would be interested in reading the novel to give me their honest opinion. This can be quite scary, but actually really helps. If they like it, can understand what is going on and feel for the characters I know I’m on the right track.

This book is the first of a duo and the second book is already under construction. I’m working on the plotting and structure. I’ve got a base idea about what is going to happen, but I’m not sure exactly where the characters are going to take me, I only hope they make everything as exciting as they did last time.

Tonight I start my full read through without the red pen in my hand and only once I’ve done that I’m hoping I won’t have found too many errors in this my seventh rewrite. They say seven is a lucky number, let’s hope that is correct for Blades of Time.

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