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The Love of Dance

Monday, 8 September 2008

A Sense of Achievement.

Some days you set up your workstation and everything goes to pot, but not today. Today my characters managed to do exactly what I wanted them to do and set themselves up nicely for the next and final section of my book.

Before I can continue to write the final part, I have to work out how to skin a pig. No honestly I really do. It’s crucial to the plot and needs to be written correctly. Research, even in a fantasy novel is necessary and needs to be accurate.

I remember once, I read out a chapter of a book that I was completely happy with, only to find my physics were all wrong. Things can’t physically fly in space - major plot flaw there. Thanks to members of the Verulam writers circle this issue was soon corrected and with a good rewrite of the chapter and character everything was soon knocked into shape.

So whatever you are writing check the accuracy, which is what I’m just about to do.

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