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The Love of Dance

Friday, 29 June 2012

Topic Task - Week Thirty-Five

After a lot of hassle and more issues than I should have had to deal with I have my car back. She was smashed and bashed and now she is fresh and sparkly. It is good to have her back. I did like the courtesy car, but my old girl fits me perfectly. Driving her is like being cradled by love. Daft it maybe, but she is special to me.
The rest of the week has been interesting. Not good, not bad, just ordinary. Not black and white, but a shade of grey.
I've been very lax in my writing this week, so need to kick my own backside and get working. I've so much to do and where to start is always the hardest part. Once I'm off and running there is very little that can stop me, but the starting is tricky.

So what have I got in mind for you this week. What would be a suitable task to stimulate the brain and get your creative juices flowing.

This week you are taking a journey. You can go anywhere you want, however, you have to describe the weather and how it is effecting your characters. Does it help or hinder? Will it make the journey better or horrendous. Remember rain isn't always bad. Sun can be a killer. What you need to do is decide whether your characters are on a journey of:
1. Discovery.
2. Work based.
3. Enjoyment.
4. Destruction.
Make it light hearted, dark and menacing, romantic or depressing. Whatever you choose to do, make the reader believe your characters are living through this experience and show us how this effects their relationship. Does it bring them closer?  Will it rip them apart? Does only one come back? Are they lost forever?
All you need to do is create the characters,or  use one's you've worked with before, pop them into your idea and see where they take you. It might surprise you what happens.
So go on, get writing.

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