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The Love of Dance

Friday, 8 June 2012

Topic Task - Week Thirty-Two

How can a three day week make you so tired? I guess it was because of all the extra things we all squeezed into the long weekend. I'm now in training for 'The Race for Life' and I'm really looking forward to all that walking in the rain! If we are lucky we might just get to see a tiny glimpse of an unusual, almost magical orange globe in the sky. Apparently, it does sometimes appear, however I'm not sure that isn't just one of those old wives tales.

I attended the launch of 'Death Bed' by Leigh Russell yesterday. Many people attended and Leigh read a section to get our taste buds tingling. I opened the pages last night and I'm already gripped. If you've yet to read any of her work, I strongly suggest you take a moment to buy a book and settle down for a good read. Her books: Road Closed, Cut Short, Dead End and the new Death Bed. These are available in the wonderful tactile books with real pages and also as E-books.

This week we are going back to my topic tin to find three prompts.

1. Waking up in the wrong place beside the wrong person.
2. Hop-scotch seemed such an innocent game until you showed me a new way of playing.
3. The alley was dark causing the mass on the ground to almost vanish into the shadows.

Choose one or all of these prompts to inspire your writing this week. You decide what format your writing will take, but most of all remember to use all the senses.

Have a great week. Go on, get writing.

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