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The Love of Dance

Friday, 31 January 2014

Observe, absorb and breathe in the atmosphere.

Thankfully this writing week has been quite productive. I've
managed to make good progress on the horrendous manuscript I mentioned last week. It is feeling much better and I hope that when I actually type it up it will still feel right. One thing I was worried was that I would never write a decent scene again, but I hope that isn't the case. I'm sure I will find that out when I meet up with my writerly friends and test out the new sample.

One of the sections in my WIP that I had been struggling with was description. More specifically description of the buildings and the internal fixtures and fittings. The thing that helped with this was researching images on the internet - period houses and furniture that might be found inside. Then taking time to sit and describe each section: Windows, doors, dressers etc. The little details that bring the scene to life. Obviously the best way to do this is to visit a building of the era you are including in your work and observe, absorb and breathe in the atmosphere that leaks from the walls and wood work. Write when you are there and bring home the notes and write up. Another good way is to have a Dictaphone and put your thoughts down in digital format to type up later.

So, for this week’s challenge. I have posted three images to inspire your imagination. Look at the pictures and allow yourself to drift into the frame and explore the exterior, once you have, imagine what the interior might look like. 

After you have done this either keep the image open on your computer, pick up a pen and begin to write what you see or copy and paste it into your document and work from there. Remember to look closely. Are there secrets hidden in the corners? Faces at windows? When you have completed the first image, move on to the second and then the third. Then think about who would live, work and play in the building? What would it smell like, when it was first built, what does it smell like now?  And if you have completed all of these tasks, select one to populate with characters to create a piece of creative writing.

So go on, get writing. 

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