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The Love of Dance

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Write an image.

This week has been busy, both with my day job and the writing. I have spent many hours trying to get the first three sample chapters of my WIP in shape for sending for comment by an agent, who had previously suggested how my work could be improved. With this in mind I have rethought, reworked and rewritten the first three chapters. The whole story now starts in a different place, has a slower pace, but I hope it has a better balance as it had been rushing on without allowing my reader to breath. My only concern now it that is too slow. I guess I will only know when I get the feedback. I found this very difficult, but the process has been illuminating, I'm just hoping it isn't over written.

I hope you are still doing your ten minutes of writing each night and seeing progress with the amount of work and the quality for the material written. Keep at it, you will really see the benefit before long.

This week I have selected for images to inspire you.
1.       Unsuccessful fruit cake.
2.       A Bear trying to be cool.
3.       A cat in the box.
4.       The Fire Sunset.

Select one of these items, decide what genre you want to write in and using all your writing skills create a piece of writing that will engage your reader from beginning to the end.

So go on, get writing. 

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