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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Wooded Secrets: Can you find a story?

After spending a lot of time wondering if I should continue writing, or if I should give it all up as a bad lot, the characters that have been dozing about for quite some time shouted – KEEP GOING. So although I have had many issues recently, I have decided to write through them in the hope that things will come good in the end. Use the issues to grow my writing. That is the plan.

I was looking for something recently in my image folder and came across this picture. 

I can see many things in this, I wonder if you can too? The more closely I looked into the image the more I saw. Your task for today is to use the image to inspire a piece of writing. What genre you choose is up to you, but for me I would select fantasy or non-fiction like an article.

Enlarge the picture and look really closely. What can you see? How does it make you feel? Think about how you will structure your work to make best use of its imagery. The closer you look, does the image seem darker, more threatening or not as freaky? Is it calling out to you for help, about to attack or is it just a piece of wood with an interesting history?

What you do with it is up to you, so go on, get writing. 

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