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The Love of Dance

Friday, 7 February 2014

Can you write 5000 words starting with a prompt?

Things are at last beginning to move with my writing at last. The changes are feeling right. The pace, which was an issue, has slowed in places, but there are still sections that will get the heart racing along with the plot. At least that is what I hope. My confidence in this WIP is growing and I think I'm liking my characters just enough to screw them up completely.

This week we are taking a step away from images to inspire us and onto prompts. Using all the skills you have been practising create a piece of writing that is complete and no longer then 5000 words.

A.  Incorporate all of the following words into a short story: Radiation – Carrot – DVT – Dry rot
B. “Why does she want to change me?”
C. “Love is like a pair of dabbling ducks and it is often just a quaky.”

Choose either A, B or C – or attempt all three.
So go on, get writing.

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