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The Love of Dance

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Winter Garden

I am really hoping that the effects of total exhaustion will soon pass. I think it is the result of pushing myself too hard in all directions when I really should have taken time out to get better. As a consequence of this, I've only managed to do a small amount of writing but much less than I wanted to do. It just seems that all things is just one millimetre out of kilter which has made everything more difficult. I need a nudge back and all will be fine.  
The pure white of snow drops have poked their heads up and look beautiful at the base of my tree, but all it will take is a breath of cold winter air to kill them off. I have taken a photo of them along with a shed passed its best, a selection of stacked sticks and a camouflaged bike.
I want you to use all the images within one piece of writing. Look at the pictures decided which to start with and incorporate details from each to move your story forward. You could then try to start with another image and follow the same process through until you've used all the photos as your starting point.

I hope you are inspired, so go on, get writing. 

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