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The Love of Dance

Friday, 28 February 2014

Threads, Blood, Youth.

For a moment yesterday I thought I might be spending a long, cold weekend, but thankfully to a very diligent and capable young gas fitter, I'm all cosy and warm. Now don’t go reading anything in to that, he fitted a new circuit board and filled the expansion tank with water and everything warmed up nicely. I'm actually going to write to the company and let them know what a good job he did. I also got some really good advice regarding gas cookers. I was unaware that they give off quite a bit of carbon monoxide. When cooking you should always have a window open and not just an air vent.  That is also why you shouldn't use them to heat the house if you get a power cut, or like me, the boiler breaks down. I don’t have an extractor fan which I'm sure would help lessen the risk, but I for one won’t be using the cooker for anything else than cooking.

Writing task:
Below I have put three sentences. Read each and pick one that you are most drawn to. Once you have selected allow yourself time to think of the possible ways this could be used in creative writing. Try firstly a piece of poetry, followed by a monologue and finally aim to develop a conversation between two people with opposing viewpoints. Remember to use all the bells and smells to engage with your readers.

1.       Threads of shadows crawled forward edging closer with every tussle of wind.
2.       Blood of innocence swells through veins of despair.
3.       Youth, fortune and fame what’s wrong with having it all?

Remember for each of the above you are to write a piece of poetry, monologue and a conversation.
So go on, get writing. 

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