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The Love of Dance

Friday, 14 February 2014

The Alternative Valentines Day

I'm so glad that week is over. So busy and fighting to stay at work so I could get everything done. Lost my voice, well actually, my voice went all craggy and sore, then the tiredness set in, the not sleeping and the ‘snoring’! Well at least that is what my son said. I have to admit to waking myself up with the odd grunty snort. Fought my way through and now it is the weekend and I can rest, and all being well get some writing done.

Today being Valentines Day, I've given in and decided to get you all writing about the day, but we aren't going to write about it in the normal way. The alternative Valentines Day is what you will be looking to create. We are going to look at it through the following genre. Fantasy, Horror/ Thriller and Sci-fi. So how do we go about changing this ‘Very Important Day’, into something alternative? None of the normal cards, flowers, glass of wine and a meal out. Neither any of the two for the price of one or a special cook it at home deal. No, we are going to transform it into the outstanding? You can make it amazingly good or amazingly awful. See what you can do with it. You might be surprised at what you really think about the one day of the year that you are supposed to let the one you cherish know they are special. What happens to the other 364 days? Just asking.

Be nice, be nasty or be downright mean, but whatever you do make it honest and make it feel real.

So, go on, get writing. 

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