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The Love of Dance

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Last nail in the coffin.

Happy Sunday! Yes, I know that last statement means I'm late with my Friday blog post, but I've been busy. I have to admit I've not been busy on writing, but busy catching up with life outside the house and friends inside. I'm pleased to say that the little flurry of snow that got a lot of children happily excited for half an hour on Saturday was beaten back by beautiful sunshine. Don’t get me wrong I love the look of snow and walking through the fields and woodland, but when it comes to diving in it and trying to get to work, well I would rather it didn't arrive. I'm still hoping we won’t get any, but one never can tell.

The last Windmill Writers meeting was great fun. We read our WIPs, shared rejection and participated in a writing activity, which gave us all a good giggle. This coming Wednesday, we are once again sharing WIPs and if time permits there may be a few writing exercises to try.
The time has come to share this week’s prompt. You will be using the phrase: Last nail in the coffin. To create a piece of creative writing. You can use it in whatever context you feel fit. However, to make it a bit trickier, you are going to attempt to write this phrase in three different ways.
  • 1000 Word short story.
  • Poem
  • A stream of thought. 

So there you are, give all three a try. Go on, get writing 

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