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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Looking forward to a burn up!

One thing is for sure, this week has been ridiculous! Simple as that, completely bonkers, but in a good way, work just didn't stopped coming in. Having said that, I have enjoyed it. Amongst this madness, I've had my physiotherapy and I'm doing well. Things are looking up; I just hope it will continue to keep improving.
I attended the YGAW meeting where we discussed submissions, chatting about keeping the plot and changing the characters and this was so inspiring that one of the member has now started writing their first YA novel. I have as previously mentioned in my last blog, I have a new synopsis and I'm sending this off later today with the opening chapters of a 7+ novel. I can only hope it will fall under the right nose of the right person at the right time and with a touch of luck, maybe it will find a home. Time will tell. I'm looking forward to getting on with improving my planning for my YA that has been on hold for a while and writing up the edits I did on my 9+ which will mean I'll be able to send that out soon.
Yesterday, Friday, after another long day I met up with my friend Christine and we spent a delightful three hours putting the world to rights. It was lovely to catch up and share what life has been challenging us with.

After my activities in the garden last week, I have been out and purchased a new incinerator and a large paving slab to stand it on. I have been chopping and breaking down wood to burn. I filled the burner and had a pile to replenish once the fire got sorted proper, however, no matter how hard I tried to get it started, it refused. It refused umpteen times! I stuffed it with paper but, no it wasn't having any of it. So I guess I’ll never make it as an arsonist and if that wasn't bad enough, it then started to rain. I will go out again later with a fire lighter in hand 
and if that doesn't work, I’ll give up


Today’s writing task is to find the third book, on the second shelf of your bookcase, turn to page 65 and from line seven select the sentence that starts or finishes on this line. Use this as the opening line of your piece of writing. Think about writing a monologue or non-fiction piece.

So go on, get writing.

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