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The Love of Dance

Friday, 1 April 2016

Persistence is the key to everything.

How is it that a four-day week always seems longer then a five-day week with overtime? I think it is because you try so hard to get everything done in a shorter time and push yourself close to the abyss in doing so. Having said that, it’s been an interesting, enjoyable week.

On the writing side I have worked very hard on getting the opening chapter of my thriller, pitch and mini biography to the best of my ability. I checked to find out if the novel had to be complete and thankfully it didn't so I was able to enter. I believe in this piece so I hope that it finds a friendly reader the other end. As always I’ll let you know if it gets anywhere. I am now working on a synopsis for another submission, and I'm finding it very difficult. Persistence is the key and I'm hopeful that with a visit to the YGAW group this weekend will help me get the balance right.

I had lots of times with friends last weekend, my birthday, doing me things and an unexpected communication from an old friend that made me smile – lots of memories, lots of wonderful people I feel blessed to have such good friends.

I've been shopping with birthday money. A new log burner come barbecue, three fire fly garden lanterns, which I can’t turn on as I can’t get the lids off. I think I need someone with stronger hands than me. I think the neighbour will be tasked with that tomorrow. I've bought a plastic greenhouse so that I can start sowing my seeds that I also bought. I’ll be trying the burner out this weekend. My main task for this weekend will be trying to get the garden tidied up from the ravages of the winter. There is so much to do. One of the main things is to cut down the second large buddleia and bring the pear tree down about seven foot. Me a ladder and a hand saw. It should prove interesting.

If you are looking for something to write about this weekend my writing prompt might just get you scribbling away. This beautiful sculpture was given to me by my sister for my birthday. Look at the three dancers and give each a character and write the conversation that they are having whilst practising at the barre. 

So go on, get writing.

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